Does Your Brake Pedal Feel Mushy Or Spongy?

Without properly functioning brakes, your safety is at risk. If your brake pedal feels mushy or spongy, it's time to see a qualified brake mechanic.

A brake pedal that doesn't feel right could be one of these issues:

Air in the System

Air in the brake lines is the most common cause of a brake pedal feeling spongy. The first thing that should be done is have your brake fluid level checked. Low fluid levels can cause air to enter through the master cylinder. If this is your problem, you will need to have your brake fluid refilled.

There is always a reason for brake fluid being low. Before refilling the fluid, the mechanic will check for leaks, the most common cause of low brake fluid. If a leak is found, it will need to be repaired prior to adding new fluid.

If no leak is found, the professional will need to do a more thorough investigation to discover the cause of the low fluid level. Upon finding the cause, it will be repaired, and new fluid will be added to the system.

Once your brake fluid is full again, the person doing the job will have to bleed any remaining air out of the system.

Water in the System

Moisture can get into the brake system, causing your brake pedal to feel soft or spongy. The absorption of water takes place over time. Some car manufacturers recommend that brake fluid be changed at specified intervals. Changing brake fluid might help water from accumulating in the system.

Under heavy braking conditions, your brake fluid must reach a certain boiling point. When too much water is in the brake system, it can result in lowering the boiling point of the fluid. This lowered boiling point results in the formation of gas bubbles. Where brake fluid is not compressible, these bubbles of gas are, resulting in the spongy feeling.

Type of Brakes

Depending on the type of brakes you have, other things can cause your brake pedal to feel mushy or spongy.

If you have drum brakes, and a drum is cracked or too thin, you may experience soft, spongy braking. If you have disc brakes, and the pads are worn to where they are uneven or not in the correct position, you might feel it in your brake pedal.

For more information, contact Auto Team Car Care Center LLC or a similar company.

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