Four Tips For Improving The Fuel Economy Of Your Truck

If you are looking at used trucks, it's most likely because you are looking to save money. Of course, with a truck comes more spending on fuel simply because trucks are not as efficient as other vehicles. However, just because you are looking to save money doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the convenience of a truck if that's what you want. Buying a used truck is a great way to save money while still getting the kind of vehicle you want. Plus, with these helpful tips, you can save even more on fuel once you drive the truck out of the lot:

  1. Remove Excess Weight: With all the extra space you have in a truck, it's great for transporting lots of bigger items, such as furniture. However, you want to eliminate as much weight as possible to improve the fuel economy and drive more smoothly on the road. So whenever you are parked at home, bring in everything that you can inside of the home so that you aren't continuing to drive around with it. 
  2. Combine Errands in One Trip: Whenever you need to leave the house, it's best to plan what other errands you need to get done during this time. This is going to eliminate access driving that isn't necessary and ensure that you aren't turning the car on and off so often. It's better for your truck if you are starting it when it's still warm. A cold start uses much more fuel. 
  3. Consider Carpool: If you can manage it, you should consider carpooling to work. This is going to eliminate the amount of time you spend in traffic. On top of this, it will help reduce wear and tear on your truck, which is especially great when buying a used truck since you want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. If you can't carpool, you can always try and adjust your working hours if you are able to so that you are avoiding traffic at peak times during the day. 
  4. Use the Recommend Motor Oil: When you use the recommended motor oil for your truck, you are going to improve fuel efficiency. You should also be getting regular maintenance, which is why it's important to consider any kind of warranty and maintenance add-on that is offered when you purchase your used truck. You can save money by taking advantage of certain services while also keeping your truck in the best working condition. 

When you consider these four tips, you can really get the most out of saving money on a used truck purchase in the long-term. 

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