What To Look For In An SUV

An SUV is a vehicle that can get you around nearly all kinds of terrain. You may want an SUV because you like to go camping, have a larger family, or simply need more cargo space than a basic sedan. If you don't want to invest in a van, an SUV is a logical choice for your driving needs.

Here are things you should look for in an SUV. This way, you pick the best type of car, such as a Subaru, for your needs.


Since SUVs are larger vehicles, choose a make and model that features safety cameras and other features to make you a safer driver on the road. Some vehicles even feature passing assistance, allowing you to be notified when someone is in another lane so you can pass other drivers with ease.

A backup camera is essential to driving a larger SUV. Since an SUV with lots of rear room is longer than a traditional car, you will need this added feature to make backing up easier for you.

Extra Seating

Many SUVs have the two rows of seats, so they seat the same amount of passengers as a typical sedan. However, some models of SUVs do have a third-row seat so they can fit more people. If you want an SUV that has the seating capacity of a van or other larger vehicle, then look for a third row seat in the models you look at.

Keep in mind that the last row of seats may not have a lot of leg room, particularly if the cargo space is large. You may have to sacrifice cargo space for seating comfort when buying an SUV for your needs.

Tow Package

Not all SUVs come standard with a tow package, but having this feature is nice if you plan on hauling trailers, boats, or other cargo. Ask your dealer if they will add a tow package onto any vehicle you are considering buying, or only look at an SUV If it already has a tow package.

A roof rack is another feature you want in an SUV. A roof rack is essential for housing kayaks, camping gear, bikes, and other items that won't fit in the cargo space of your vehicle.

All Wheel Drive

Some SUVs have four or all-wheel drive. If you want to take your SUV off-roading or on camping adventures, this is a feature you want in your vehicle. This driving feature also makes driving in snowy conditions much safer.

Visit a nearby Subaru dealership for more information. 

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