5 Things To Check Before Purchasing A Used Car

When it comes to purchasing a used car, there are some things you are going to want to check before you go forward with the purchase. When purchasing a used vehicle, you are purchasing a car that has already been driven, so you are going to need to put a little extra effort into examining it. 

Drive the Car

First, you need to make sure you drive the specific vehicle you are interested in purchasing. It doesn't matter if you have driven that exact make and model before, if you have not driven that specific car, you don't know how it drives. The way each car is taken care of is going to differ and impact how it handles, so you need to drive the specific vehicle you want to purchase and make sure it handles how you want it to. 

Drive the Car on Different Road Conditions

If you are serious about purchasing a vehicle, ask if you can take the car on a long drive. You are going to want to test it out and see how it responds under different road conditions.

For example, you need to make sure you like how the car handles in stop-and-go traffic just as much as how the car handles on highways. You want to make sure the car handles smoothly on the type of roads you drive on a regular basis.

Check Everything on the Car

When you test drive the car, test out everything that you can. Make sure both the heater and the air conditioner work. Make sure that the sound system works and plays CDs and can connect to your phone. Make sure that the cruise control works. Try out and play with all the settings and features on the car and make sure they work.

Research the Upkeep for the Car

Fourth, you need to research the upkeep on the car. You need to figure out what type of major repairs are needed for this vehicle, and what type of normal upkeeps. With a used car, you can usually find detailed information online about how to take care of the vehicle.

Get Car Maintenance Records

Finally, if possible, see if you can get the car maintenance records for the vehicle. That way, you can see how the car is taken care of. You may be able to get the maintenance records from the owner or the dealership. Some maintenance information may be on the VIN number report.

When it comes to purchasing a used car, always drive the car, test out the different features on the car, and test drive the car on different road conditions. Find out what the car's service history is and find out general maintenance needs for that particular car. The more you know about that specific car, the more information you will have to make a smart purchasing decision.

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