4 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Buying A Used Car

If you are looking into buying a used car, then you want to make sure you aren't listening to any myths that can often be told and commonly believed about these vehicles. Here is clarification regarding four used car myths you may run across:

Myth 1: A used car won't be reliable

A common myth frequently said about buying used cars is you won't get reliable transportation. However, many people purchase reliable used cars that last them many years, all the time. One thing you can do to increase your chances of getting one of those many reliable used cars is by purchasing it from a dealership instead of a private party. Many people trade in their used cars at the dealership because they want a newer model, even though nothing is wrong with the car they have. The trade-in will be checked over thoroughly and properly serviced by the service department before it is put up for sale. 

Myth 2: You have to pay for a used car upfront

Another myth some people believe about used cars is that you have to pay for them upfront. This means you can't purchase a car for more than the amount of cash you have on hand the moment you decide to buy one. Luckily, while this may be the case with a private party sale, it is not the case at a dealership. When you purchase a used car at a dealership, you will be able to finance the car, which means you can make an initial down payment on the car and then make monthly payments toward the price of the car. 

Myth 3: Used cars won't have warranties

Another myth often said and believed about used cars is they never come with warranties. However, when you buy a used car, you will get the rest of the original warranty that came with the car when it was new, if time is still left on it. Also, many dealerships will offer some type of warranty with their used cars, even when the manufacturer's warranty period has passed. 

Myth 4: Used cars are gas hogs

Another common myth often mentioned about used cars is that they are gas hogs and will cost you more money on gas than you would pay in a new car. However, there are a lot of factors that go into determining how much gas mileage a car gets. Some of the things that determine the gas mileage a car gets include the size of the engine, the size of the tires, and how well the car has been maintained. When you buy a car that's been well-maintained, you should expect it to get the gas mileage regularly expected for that model, even when buying it used. Take a look at options like used Hyundai cars to learn more.

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